Many business travelers now opt for Tucson extended stay housing as they find there are numerous benefits to making use of furnished rentals Tucson. In fact, this is true no matter which city one is temporary residing in. Furnished housing of this type is generally provided for a period of 30 days or more and is found within residential communities. Most include amenities such as a full kitchen, linens, furniture, electronics, and more. Why do people choose this option instead of a hotel room? There are a number of reasons for doing so.

When one chooses to make use of a furnished rental, he or she feels more at home, of importance when one is staying for an extended period of time. The person making use of the rental finds he or she feels like they are truly living in the city, instead of just visiting for a short period of time. They can check out the local area, while still having the conveniences of home when they just want to relax and enjoy an evening in or catch up on some work outside of the office.

In addition, those who have the opportunity to return home for a few days here and there find it much easier to make use of extended stay housing. They don't have to pack their items every time they choose to return home, as they have the housing for a predetermined period of time. Travel becomes easier as they don't have to worry about suitcases and other items. They can take one carry on bag with them and move around airports easier, allowing for more time at home and less in these facilities.


Another benefit of furnished rentals is the accommodations tend to be nicer. There is less turnover when one chooses to make use of this type of housing and people tend to keep the place better cared for as they know they will be returning day after day. Many business travelers have stayed in hotel rooms which have been trashed by previous occupants. This is less of an issue when one uses extended stay housing and amenities tend to be more varied. The gym at a hotel may have a few pieces of equipment, for example, while extended stay housing typically has a full gym setup. Consider the above when decided if this option is right for you. Many find it is.